Two guitars play out like personalities

expressing themselves through the strumming of fingers.

The transition between soft and sharp strokes staying even and assured

up until the sudden changes

make music worth listening to even with just two guitars.  T

he bass line keeping rhythm remains steady

trustworthy hands pulling sound up a path.

The best bass line meanders, at times making twists

pausing to turn and contribute a moment of perspective. T

he bassist leads by laying out an array of choices from which you can see the world.

A generous hand plucks at those strings

A lack of selfish showiness waits on perfect moments to reveal its vistas.

People choose what they see in the valleys of sound.

The lead guitar goes where it will,

heads off the line, using notes like fingers pointing out particulars.

They betray a desire to explore, like some adventurer pulling the sound like a shoe string

Chord to chord and lace by lace.

Songs weave dexterously around these two guides.

An underlying idea and the interpretation, an exploration of a relationship; long formed or forming.

When one part ignores the other or drifts too far away the dynamics get lost in the foliage between.

But when each comes to an understanding, music makes chaos seem planned.

(I think I started writing this in my head after a few drinks while watching two of my friends pick up guitars. I was surprised and fascinated, as always, by the way each persons playing informed the other)

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