A girl, KATE, 18, sits at a desk, struggling with a pair of tweezers, a bushy brow, and a vanity mirror. Books, comic book figurines and make-up are scattered around a dual set of computer monitors and a small, lighted vanity mirror. A figurine of Gandolf the wizard sits on top of the computer overlooking the scene. Kate SIGHS heavily.



MOM (O.S.):

Yeah honey?


How do you put on eye liner?

MOM (O.S.):



I can’t figure it out. Where do I even start?

Kate stares at a stiff eyeliner brush covered in inky black paint, her mouth unconsciously slack. She takes a deep breath and starts to apply the liner with an unsteady hand. The liner goes on in a thick and greasy looking glob. She GASPS.



A middle aged woman sticks her cheerful face through the doorway to Kate’s bedroom. As she investigates the dilemma she can hardly contain the rush of giggles that emerge at the sight of such as typical teenaged drama unfolding before her.


Mom, this isn’t how it’s supposed to look! How do I do this?


Oh, honey!

Kate’s eyes start to well up. Sensing danger, her mom rushes into the room pulling a damp cloth out from behind her back with magical motherly instinct. She dabs at the gooey mess around her daughter’s eyes. It only spreads.


I’m a disaster zone! There should be orange reflective cones surrounding my face.


No, no. Don’t worry.

Kate’s mother dabs the towel on the tip of her outstretched tongue, wetting it before stroking at the smudged eyeliner.


I look terrible! And Zack is supposed to pick me up in…

Kate checks the time at the bottom of the computer.

KATE (cont’d.):

Fifteen minutes.


Don’t panic. Don’t panic! Let’s wash your face, and we’ll start from scratch.

She bustles Kate away from the desk and through the bathroom door on the other side of the room.


Honey, don’t worry so much! It will all be fine. You’re a beautiful girl.

Kate peers from around the corner of the bathroom door. Her look suggesting she has heard this compliment frequently and ineffectually applied to her. She bends over and now her butt is the only thing presenting itself as she scrubs at her face in the bathroom sink.


I know! I just don’t know why I’m so nervous.


Well, maybe you just feel a little apprehensive? You know the two of you might be headed to different places come the fall. You’ll be headed to college and well, Zack and you…

Kate’s torso pops up straight, her freshly clean face peering at her mother from the doorway once more.


Zack and I what? Might not be together much longer? Why? Don’t you think he loves me?

Her mother sits on the edge of Kate’s bed as Kate walks back into the room.


Well, you both are heading off for college soon.


Mom! I really like Zack. I think, maybe, I might even love him. Besides, if I broke up with him, he would be brokenhearted.


The track flood lights flicker on the edge of the field. Outside the ring of the bright beams a group of teenaged boys huddle on the top steps of the bleachers. The boys circle around a tall, handsome beefcake, ZACK, 18. A few six packs slouch across the bench like drunken listeners between the boys. More than a couple smashed empties surround Zack.


Kate? I don’t know man. Like Kate’s hot, and she gives it on the regular. Plus, I get, like all the tail on the side a guy could ever want and she doesn’t even notice. But I just feel, like, why be pinned down at all.

Some laugh, a few eyes roll. One boy, TYLER, 16, nudges Zack.


So, you’re saying it doesn’t feel any different whether you’re fucking Kate, or some other girl?


Nah, Tyler! Of course, you wouldn’t know, cus you’re a virgin.

(beat, for general laughter)

It’s not like they’re quoting Shakespeare, or factoring x equals kay times seventeen squared factor of five nine while we’re doin’ it. Who cares if she’s smart or not?

More laughter and chuckles. Tyler seems confused. Another boy, JEREMY, 17, speaks up.


Hey man, didn’t you have a date with her tonight?


Date? What? With who?



ZACK (laughing):

Oh shit!

He races off, stumbling over the stands, and tripping over hisself, finally catching his foot in a beam and falling over the back of a bench. The group winces, but stays still. As Zack stumbles off, cursing under his breath, the boys burst out into raucous laughter.


Kate sits alone at a swivel stool along the edge of a crowded patio. Young people in groups and dates chatter. More than a few couples are making out so furiously that their ice creams are beginning to melt and form liquid pools around the bottom of their cups. Kate swivels back and forth, trying not to stare at the happy couples.

In the b.g. Zack limps across the parking lot to the patio. As he passes a table full of young girls, he nods at a pretty, large chested girl, VICKY, 17 and the group erupts into pleased giggles. He picks up speed when he sees Kate, sitting alone on the other side of the patio.


Hey baby!

Kate, looking the other way, doesn’t see him, and so, doesn’t respond.



He bends down to lift Kate off her stool, rising her into the air and cupping her body to his chest. The girls at Vicky’s table stare in wonder. He looks back at them, at Vicky and winks before his hurt leg twists under him and he almost drops Kate. Kate and the other girls all SCREAM.




Sorry babe!

He tries to shrug it off and sets her back down on the top of her stool. Kate hops off immediately and reaches out to him with concern.


Are you okay? What was all that about?


Oh, nothing.

He shrugs. A short silence follows and in his discomfort he unconsciously flips his head in Vicky’s direction. Kate notices.


You’re late. I thought we said we’d meet at eight.


Yeah, sorry. I was catching up with the guys.


Oh. Okay. I just thought we were going to try to make tonight special. You know, since your parents are gone this weekend.

She steps up to him on tip toes to reach her arms around his big shoulders.


Oh yeah! Sure. You know, but we don’t have to spend all weekend together or anything. I know you probably have like school stuff to do and packing or whatever.

He looks once more over at Vicky in the corner.


You don’t seem that excited. Don’t you want to spend some time together? In bed? I mean we hardly ever get any space to ourselves. And, we’ll be heading off to college soon, so who knows …

She attempts to flutter her eyelashes at him. It doesn’t quite work.


Uh… what was that?


I know, silly. I was…I was just, trying to flutter my eyelashes and be all sexy. Boy did that backfire!


Not very effective. No.


Sorry. So are we on for this weekend?


I mean, yeah, I guess.

Zack checks out the corner where Vicky and her group of friends start to get up and leave. Vicky looks at him from the corner of her eye and winks suggestively.


I guess? Is this a game? Am I a game to you?


Well, you know me. I like games. I’m good at them.


What does that have to do with this?

Kate backs away from Zack.


It means… I liked chasing you and you know, having fun, but now, well, what do you do with a ball when you’ve already scored a touchdown?


What do you want to say here?


I just throw it away, usually.

Other people than Vicky and her friends are watching now. Zack looks around at the crowded patio. Kate only looks at Zack.


Is that really how you feel?


Come on! It’s not like we don’t have fun, but don’t try to make this something, like, deep.


Oh. Okay. If that’s how you feel, I guess I’ll just, I’ll just leave then.

Kate spins around Zack’s hulking football body and runs out to the parking lot, pausing at the door to her car.

Some of the eye liner she and her mother painstakingly applied runs down her cheek. Zack, in the b.g. talks with a crowd of boys and several girls. Vicky and the other girls saunter back from their cars in the lot to join in. Kate gets into her car, tears rolling down her face, and drives away.


Kate sits at her desk. The Gandolf figurine has moved to her side as if it had just been handled recently. She stares at a screen of Craigslist job postings. A tentative KNOCK sounds at her door.


Honey? It’s mom. Do want anything to eat? Are you going out with Zack tonight? You haven’t gone out all week.

Kate looks at the door, but doesn’t answer. She turns back to the computer screen.


The lyrics to DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE’ S “TINY VESSELS” plays in the background.

“You are beautiful, but you don’t mean a thing to me…”

On the screen is a list of job offers entitled “HOT GIRLS WANTED ****MIAMI”, “ONLY HOT GIRLS NEEDED>>>>>CASTING VIDEOS”. Kate looks focused. She clicks on the top ad. “YOUNG HOT GIRLS: adult videos, ALWAYS CASTING LA”.

At the top of the link is a picture of a smiling girl in hot pink push-up bra atop a white comforter. The script underneath the picture promises a “chauffer from airport”. They also ask for height, weight and ethnicity, plus a few “hot pix”.


Kate opens the door, a suitcase rolling along the sidewalk behind her. She walks out across the very green front lawn to a waiting car. She opens the back door and slides in.


Airport please.


You got it.


Kate sits in a chair in an airplane terminal among sleeping travelers. Her laptop lays open on her lap, headphones in her ears. She looks around her before typing “pornhub.com” into the search engine. The site opens up to an array of screen shots and sex ads. A pops-up window offers a one-on-one chat with SWEET SANDRA, 20. In the picture, Sandra’s breasts are popping out of a pair of suspenders. She looks down at the camera with a come hither stare, her mouth suggestively open. Kate hurriedly closes the pop-up and looks around to see if anyone notices.


Kate’s mother and father are seen through the front window, leaning over a letter together. Kate’s mother turns and buries her head in her husband’s shoulder.

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