Parts 1 , 2 , and  3


The hall, lined in gilt-framed paintings, landscapes and portraits, leads Flora and the governess to a large bedroom.

FLORA: This is to be your chamber, miss.

The room features a large, master bed, draped with fine, thick curtains and an ornate, full-length mirror that gleams against the wall. Every article of furniture is delicately carved, clean, feminine. An open window looks out on the sweeping lawns beside the house. A small white draped bed, clearly set up for the little girl resides on the other half of the well-proportioned room.

Mrs. Grose appears in the doorway, looking in.

MRS. GROSE: That bed’s to be for the little miss, once you’ve become a bit more acquainted. She’s a bit shy at first, aren’t you dear?

She smiles down at the little girl with good humor.

FLORA: Yes, miss, I am rather timid when first meeting people. Though, I do like you very much.

LADY: Why thank you! You put that so bravely, I rather think you might be getting over your natural shyness.

Flora giggles lightly.


Mrs. Grose, little Flora and the governess sit in the dining room. Four full bright candlesticks glow on the table top. Flora sits in a high chair, a bib around her front. The three chat with each other over their dinner.

MRS. GROSE: It was rather sweet of you to allow the child to join us, tonight. Though I don’t doubt, you will be taking your meals alone after this?

LADY: Yes, of course. I just thought Flora would like to get to know me a little better, on a trial basis of sorts before we begin our lessons tomorrow.

FLORA: Thank you, miss. I look forward to them.

Flora smiles up at Mrs. Grose.

LADY: I think we’ve been getting on very well, haven’t we, Flora?

FLORA: Yes, miss.


Mrs. Grose walks the governess to her room, carrying two candlesticks. They enter her room, Mrs. Grose leaving the candlestick on the bedside table while keeping one for herself.

MRS. GROSE: Goodnight, miss. I hope you’ll sleep well for the ‘morrow.

LADY: Goodnight, Mrs. Grose. And thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness. I feel I shall enjoy my time here very much. And Flora, is she not just a perfect looking angel?

MRS. GROSE: She is that indeed. Wait until you meet her brother. If you like Flora, you’re to be simply carried away by the little gentleman. They are two of a pair! Two perfect beautiful children.

LADY: I feel I’ve been carried away already, ever since my visit to London, in fact. I very much look forward to meeting the boy. When does he return from school?

MRS. GROSE: You’re not the first to feel that, miss, and you certainly won’t be the last. I can promise you that. The boy returns on Friday.

LADY: Oh, I’m sure I don’t hold any pretensions to my being the only one. Perhaps I should wait for him at the station, so that his sister and I may greet him on his arrival?

MRS. GROSE: What a lovely idea, miss. I believe he would enjoy that immensely. You know, I think we will all be getting along very well. You seem to think of things I myself would desire, before I even think of it.

LADY: Thank you, Mrs. Grose. I am so pleased to hear it and that I have been met with such a companion in you. Well, goodnight, again, to you.

MRS. GROSE: Goodnight, miss.


The governess lies asleep in her bed, comfortably wrapped in luxurious blankets and pillows. A bird twitters outside, waking her slowly. She blinks open her eyes. It is still fairly early, only dawn.

As she flings back the blankets and sits up, she hears a discernible creak. She turns, still sitting on the edge of the bed and starts at hearing yet another creak of wood. As she rises, a faint cry is heard.

LADY: Flora?

A bird chirps at her window. Another creak sounds from behind the closed door.

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