To start at the beginning, as you should, check here…Part 1


Flora waits near the door, hat on head, her little hands gloved for an outing. The governess pins her hat to her head, looking in the mirror on the wall. Behind her is Mrs. Grose, waits, a pair of gloves held in her hands.

MRS. GROSE: You’ll see Miss, when you see the little gentleman at the station. You might as well believe something bad of him as you would that little angel waiting for you so patiently. Look at her.

She points at Flora with the gloves. Flora stands by the door, her eyes demurely downcast as she picks at the petals of a rosebud.  The governess accepts the gloves from Mrs. Grose and proceeds to pull them over her own fingertips.

LADY: Flora, you may wait for me by the carriage if you will. That way you may pet the horses before we leave.

Flora looks up, as if suddenly aware they are discussing her, and offers a sweet smile to them both. As the little girl steps out the door her absence reveals a perfect circle of plucked petals where her feet once were. The ladies do not notice.

LADY (cont’d): So, you have never known him to be bad?

MRS. GROSE: Oh, no, never known him…I don’t pretend that.

LADY: Then you have known him to…?

MRS. GROSE: Yes, indeed, Miss, and gladly.

LADY: You mean to say, a boy who is never…

MRS. GROSE: Is no boy for me!

LADY: You like a boy a bit mischievous, then?

Mrs. Grose agrees emphatically.

LADY (cont’d): As do I, on occasion, but not to the degree that would contaminate…

MRS. GROSE:  To…contaminate?

LADY: To corrupt.

MRS. GROSE: Are you afraid…of his corrupting you?

The governess, looks away, seeing little Flora reach out to pet the horses while the driver attempts to harness them to the carriage.The governess laughs.

LADY: I should hope not! We should be on our way to receive the little hooligan now I guess.

MRS. GROSE: Rest assured, Ma’am, you’ll be very pleased with him.

LADY: Thank you, Mrs. Grose. We’ll return, shortly.

The governess exits through the front door. Mrs. Grose watches from behind the window as the governess helps Flora into the carriage before sitting down herself.  The carriage raises a bit of dust behind them down the drive.


Commuters and families walk back and forth across the busy platform. The governess holds hands with little Flora safely behind the railings while a train’s passengers descend in a cloud of sooty steam. The governess searches the crowd.

FLORA: Look, Miss! There he is. I see him.

LADY: Where Flora? I see nobody.

FLORA: Just there, Miss. Through the steam.

Just then the clouds of dirty steam clear and a small, neat boy with golden curls that match his sisters walks slowly and carefully across the platform. He stops when he sees the two women, his sister and the governess.

LADY: That little gentlemen there, Flora?

FLORA: Just so, Miss.

LADY: Why, what an angel!

FLORA: Oh, he would hate to hear you say that.

(beat) May I go and greet him, now, Miss?

LADY: Of course, my darling. Go and greet your brother. But take care!

Flora rushes over to her older brother, wrapping her small arms around his only slightly larger frame.

LADY (cont’d. to herself): It’s just as she said. A little gentleman, indeed.

She watches them as they walk toward her.

FLORA: Miss, this is my brother. Miles, this is our new governess.

MILES: Hello, Miss.

He extends his hand out to her to shake, in polite gentlemanly fashion. The governess smiles and meets his hand shake with a small curtsy.  They all laugh and walk to the carriage together. The driver picks up Miles’ bag and follows behind without a word.

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