(A re-working of a previously considered crap screenplay)


A news office hums with the business of the day. People are typing. Phone calls are being received, made and ignored. There is some light chatter and office conversation takes place in the background. Overall everyone seems to be working hard and moving forward.

Kate sits slouched over her desk. Her hair looks frizzled and tossed about across the surface. Her eyes are closed. A light snoring sound escapes her lips. The phone rings, startling her awake with a snort.

Kate fumbles for the ringing phone in a sleepy daze  and finally grabs the receiver.

KATE: Hello?

The muffled voice on the other line can be heard, but is not really clear.

KATE: Oh. Yes. I’m sorry. Yeah, I was…working…on something.

(pause for the other end)

Okay. Yes, sir. I’ll meet you in the conference room then.


Thank you!

She hangs up the phone and immediately checks her reflection in the black computer screen at her desk. Seeing the disarray of her hair and the smudge of eyeliner beneath her eyes she tries to tidy herself up.

She stands up and heads out of her cubicle.


Her boss, DANIEL OSBORNE, sits at the head of the conference room table looking tidy and professional. His hair is combed and gelled in place.

Kate enters the room. Her skirt is just a little out of sorts and her blouse has wrinkles down the front.

KATE:  You wanted to see me sir?

OSBORNE:  Oh. Hello…Kate.


Sit down.

(His hand motions to the chair beside him.)

KATE: Okay.

She walks down the length of the room. As she approaches the chair however she looks uncertain and she looks between the chair immediately beside her boss and the one that sits one chair down from that. She chooses the chair one chair further down.

As she sits down in the swivel chair and as she tries to straighten the front of her shirt her legs get tangled as she tries to simultaneously tries to push her chair in towards the table.

Daniel holds in a laugh as she finally settles down.

OSBORNE: Don’t worry, Kate, this isn’t a bad meeting. In fact, I think, it’s a very good meeting. I would like for you do something for us.


OSBORNE: One of our writers wants to do a story on the recent uprising of teenage girls entering into the porn industry and we’d like to have someone go in undercover to report from the inside, and, well, we don’t have anyone else.

KATE: Don’t have anyone else?

OSBORNE: To go in deep.

KATE: Deep?

OSBORNE: Uh…undercover, I mean.

KATE:  Into porn?

OSBORNE: Well, yes.

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