First bite starts here.

Just as I came round to this living I watched as the alternative happened. My friend across the vine, already one with a tendency to droop low, started to hang near the rim of the bowl, and jumped.

I was bursting to scream. I could feel myself go purple. An overflow of emotions pushed at my skin waiting to pop, but I had no outlet.

We turned toward one another, shocked. These kinds of ends go unspoken of until it happens. No one wants to admit it, but it’s not an uncommon occurrence. Mostly it happens only to the very young or the very old. It’s sad for the young since they never really had the chance to become well-rounded individuals. And when it happens to the old, you understand. Maybe they never had the chance to fulfill their dreams of becoming a big pop star, but it was their time. These things just happen. It’s sad, but just like being chosen, we cannot fully understand the reason.

But this…this was a choice of free will. We all know the option, to end it all, to make the plunge into the great beyond, but why? How could he have chosen to drop before his time? We all fall eventually, but to make a conscious choice, is unthinkable. To never be picked, but rather to roll over and die. Sure, you make a big smash spread out on the floor, but all by yourself you’re not jelly, not even produce, just a lonely splotch of grape, a waste. Until that moment I didn’t know I had the capacity to feel this rotten.

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