The start of the ride begins here.

Wobbling across the padded flooring at the rides end, still a little woozy, we wandered slowly back to her, wondering why she didn’t just meet us at the exit gate. So without a word to hold us back from what’s next, we rushed off once more, leaving the Hurricane in the dust.

She trailed behind us for the next two rides, slipping into her place in line just in time. On the last ride, she trailed behind me. The trails of air from her nostrils blew into the spot on my neck where the hair parted over my shoulders as we waited to inch forward. My shoulders shrugged it off, once, twice, three times, before I finally snapped. I whirled around, livid beyond reason.

“Gah-ahd! Would you stop it already?”

My tongue propelled the words from my throat faster than I intended. What I meant to do was simply turn to look over my shoulder. As if I were wondering what keep passing over the tiny hairs on the back of my neck. Maybe even ask; “Does anyone else feel a breeze?”

She shrank before me, eyes strangely enlarged with surprise. But I couldn’t stop there. After yelling something that aggressively you can’t just stop. So I continued.

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