Ugh…I have nothing to give today (or the past few days). This feeling, right here, is exactly why I chose the photo in the upper left hand corner of the screen. The photograph, Bas Jan Ader’s  “Pitfall On the Road to a New Neo-Plasticism”, reminds me with every visit of my ridiculous need to be artistic. While I realize I’m reaching to achieve a certain “cool” factor by including an obscure piece of art, I do actually love this photograph.

This photograph, so representative of artsy-ness, actually represents something to me apart from style. “Neo-Plasticism”, or “De Stijl”  in Dutch, means “The Style”. But the photograph is not about “Neo-Plasticism” its about whats “new”. The person in the photograph strives to reach the misty structure of what we can assume is the “new” style, but is stuck, unable to reach the foggy goal.  If you look really closely, its me in the photo. See, there I am once again, nose down into the hot smelly asphalt, my hand outreaching, simply going nowhere. I am prostrate on the ground, floppy with miserable inadequacy and, as you can see in Van Ader’s photograph, devoid of vision. I strain, I reach, I pine. At the moment all I feel capable of is lying down in the general direction of that distant edifice, the “new”. But at least I’m pointing in the right direction, and I have (at least what looks to be) a bowler hat to shade my eyes while I lay here, pathetically inert.

Just give me a moment, and hopefully I peel myself off the uncomfortable asphalt and start moving forward again.

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