part 1

Now, while she mourned the loss of a companion, she was more wary than before and she took care in picking her next resting place, this time under the shade of a nice, empty bush. Zuzu took her time to think now, surprised at how calm she felt and ready to contemplate her next move. Her recent brush with danger empowered and warned her of the importance of using her brain. While she waited, a knock sounded on the branches below her. It startled her momentarily and she jumped up and hovered, ready to take off  if necessary.

The head of small snake weaved back and forth at the bottom of the bush, near the edges were the mottled shade of leaves provided camoflauge while still allowing rays of sun to penetrate and warm the snake’s hide.

“Exscussse me.” She said.

“Oh, hello.” Zuzu replied. “Was I disturbing you?”

“Well, if you mussst know, yesssss. But, I wondered If you needed ssome asssissstancccee.” The snake politely lisped to Zuzu.

Though the lady snake hissed much like the lizards, there was something more lazy and laid back in the gaze, which eased Zuzu’s mind.

“Well, miss. I am looking for the way to the great big ocean way beyond. I’d like to see it before I’m gone.” Zuzu explained.

“Ohhh, my! That isss ambitioussss. You know, I’ve never heard of a fly going all the way to the ssssea before.” The snake shook her head. “It’ssss quite a long way. But, if you’re determined, I sssupossse I could point the way.”

“Oh, that would be so helpful!” Zuzu exclaimed, with feeling.

“It’ssss a long, long, long way. Further than I’ve been. It’ssss acrossss the desssssert ssssandsss to the mountain over that way. They call it Rwenzori, that’ssss the rain-maker. I’m not one for the cold, ssssseee, sssssoo I’ve not gone there mysssself, but they ssssay that it’ssss quite nicccce. You could probably sssstay there quite happily iffff you like sssuch placcccesssss.”

“Thank you! Thank you! You wouldn’t happen to know anywhere beyond the mountain would you?”

“I’m afffraid not. My knowledge only goesss ssso fffar, ssssweetheart.”

“Oh, well. Thank you, again.”

And Zuzu zoomed off, while the snake shook her head some more at the silliness of a mere fly going all that way, just for the view.

Zuzu, blissfully unaware of the snakes opinion of her chances, caromed towards the towering mountain were a light mist foamed around the tip, even while the sun scorched the land to shimmering red. It was a beautiful sight, one not to be missed, if possible. But it was not the view Zuzu was searching.

She head closer and could feel the damp air pressing down on her wings, gentle, but weighty. The higher in altitude she climbed, the more she could feel the pressure of the air and the wet clung to her wings so that she herself grew heavier. And the heavier she got, the more exhausted she became.

Little by little, her energy flagged. She wanted to rest so badly, yet she could feel each second bursting into extinction inside her, drawing her closer to the end and lessening her time even while it barely diminished the distance she still had left to travel. There was so much left ahead of her to do and hardly any time left to do it in. With that thought, she sunk down and lay still on the slick surface of a tree leaf.

She could keep going, but what was the point, Zuzu thought. The exhaustion kicked in completely. Perhaps it was better to just lay down and sleep and enjoy the little time she had left with calm and peace. It wasn’t so ugly, this view looking out over the desert. Just, more plain that she had hoped for. It was the same valley she had left at first, and it was a familiar sight, if only from a new, higher perspective.

Yet as she looked out over those plains, the perspective only served to show her that she had not seen enough. She had no idea how much farther the ocean was from where she was, but she knew at least that it was on the other side of that mountain. That was the view she was looking for. That was what she had set out to do. So she raised her head up once more, and shook it off.

It sucked at first, her wings were still heavy and beat slowly. They didn’t want to follow her will, but she made them, an inch at a time, and suddenly she realized she was at the top of the grand vista that was Rwenzori looking down on a completely new horizon.

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