Oh to yowl like a skinned cat

in the wilderness with the leaves to shade my words!

And throw diamonds up the sky, watching as they hang

like tinsel streamers, so they could fall, tapping across my skin!

To drag a knife across the flesh, running blood

like through a tap to drown the splinter out,

ever after tracing the scar, mountain shaped

and shining in the pale morning sun.

Let me soak each scrapes ragged peel in a bath tub

made woozy with gin until I bubble over, purified.

Give pinwheels to each shambling drunk

to match their spinning windswept lives, sparing no thought

for the purchase of denser sustenance than air.

Or drag a fold of sandpaper through the creases

of each finger and toe and feel each appendages distinction

with the clarity of savage pen on paper.

Oh to make light of all heaviness, in praise.

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