You made me sob, you made me cry.

You made my mother feel she would die

Before she saw a woman in the office

Of the president. It’s great offense

To our democratic sensibilities

To have you in charge of US responsibilities

When American’s vote of popularity

Was actually won by Hillary.

You’re the fourth Republican

With an electoral-college win

Contrary to the hearts of voters

Ballots. I wonder why that lingers?

Still I would like to say

I think I love you anyway

For one simple reason.

Not because it ‘tis the season.

Or because I will ever care

For your mess of orange hair,

But because you made US want

To fight the desire to flaunt

our steadfast indifference

to the lack of effort or sense

in politics. I believe in you

Though you may think I’m untrue.

There may have been a moment when

I sank into a deep depression.

But I know now we have to make a change

Because our future hangs

On the power of us all to love

Instead of hate. So when push comes to shove,

Quite literally, we’ll stand up hollering

So our voices small and weak will bring

A future worth smiling. Looking back

At the first President that was black

I have hope of US making history.

Just don’t grab me by the pussy.


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