It’s about you. What do you like and how do you feel about it? I was asked to take a photo of myself for a recent project and as I turned the camera inward the feeling of annoyance immediately twanged an ugly note in my head. Not being one to focus, I immediate took to reorganizing and redistributing one of my favorite items, the bookcase and its books. This surprised me, since I had previously assumed that there was nothing that could irritate me about my books other than the heaviness of them in boxes when I move. The plan was to take a photo in front of all my books, but hating the look of the bookcase behind me, I had to rethink everything.

This rethinking lead to several hours of redistribution and books falling over I realized that what I really was wanting was a room that would show my love of books where I could practically reach in any direction and find one waiting within inches. This lead to further consideration on how to organize all of the various genres accumulated through several years of school and bibliophilia. Now throughout my apartment are stacks and rows of books in various colors, heights, widths and types. A row of pocket paperbacks line my bedroom’s narrow window sill. Thankfully insulating the gap in the window where the A/C’s improper installation left a hole. See, interior design can be both aesthetic and practically.

Now I think I finally get the trick after all those pins on Pinterest and all the browsing through stores? Make it about me and what I want to see.

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