Exactly the same in every room

From wine stained carpet spot

To the direction of throw pillows

Until you reach the back room.

Instead of Scotch-taped band posters

An elliptical. No longer decorated

With dirty clothes, a freshly made

Bed with freshly washed sheets

And maybe a seashell or two

On the window pane from trips

You weren’t invited to join in.

The boom box may still sit

on the dresser, but it’s dusted.

And the stickers framing the mirror

No longer form like a halo

around your reflection there.

The curtains are open to let in

Sunlight, but they used to stay closed

So you could mope and sigh.

It’s quiet, and there’s no angry

Emotional music playing loud,

So suddenly you miss you.

Written for this week’s music challenge to the PHOX cover of “Miss You” by Blink 182. Clearly the adolescent feelings have hit me hard this week. You can read the story by Trebez inspired by the song here. Hope you enjoy it.

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