Vera leaned over her arm rest with her neck cricked over her shoulder. She was waiting for him to walk in to the office. But it was only Dave shuffling through with his briefcase stuffed under his armpit. She turned back around. The coffee cupped in her palm steamed. Everything was quiet. The door sprung open once again. And there was Ray.

Her affection for Ray made working at the accounting firm more exciting than she ever thought possible. Most of her co-workers liked Ray, but Vera’s appreciation quickly became obsession. Each day as he walked through the door she would say “Good morning” with a genuine smile. It was the kind of smile usually only seen hovering over the lip of her first sip of coffee.

Last year at the company Christmas party, she brought him a gift and watched with joy as he unwrapped what turned out to be his favorite snack. Their eyes met. She couldn’t contain herself any longer. She felt a fool, but she couldn’t help herself.

Yet every time he strutted through the door, her heart felt like it would burst with happiness. Vera wanted to feel this way all the time, but she knew that she couldn’t have him, not really. Ray had a family. Of course she instantly forgot all of this when he came bounding towards her with that wide grin and shaggy chestnut color hair. She couldn’t help but wonder if maybe he could leave his home for her.

Ray was different. From the moment he stepped into the office, everyone accepted him. Even the manager, who liked no one and nothing, stooped to pat him on the back with a jovial hello. Nancy from human resources was allergic, but even she liked him, despite this. No one could resist the wag of his tuffty tail and the liquid coffee eyes that looked up from under his heavy bangs.

Vera had never known such a dog.

Continue to part 2.

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