The man swung his arms out wide with pleasure. Warm summer weather warmed the water to a perfect temperature. Any warmer and he would have grown tired of the pool within a few minutes and left. It would have been better if he had, but better was not a quality he strives toward. His wife did plenty for the both of them. She was probably at home, making dinner.

A breeze ran through the back yard and across his closed eyelids followed by the grumble of the sliding glass door and a crash.


“You shouldn’t just, just…” Laura fumbled with her tongue to find words.


“Bothered?” Anthony asked her.


“What do you think you’re doing here?”


Her words tumbled from her like gravel. He’d heard the actual gravel of her tires on the driveway minutes ago and was prepared for her.


“If you don’t want me here, I’ll leave,” he offered with a casual flick of his wrist.


There was no reply but the click of her heels along the concrete as she drew near. He peeled open half an eye and was gratified by the view of her leg swaying above him like a palm tree.


“Thank you,” he smiled. Biting his lip, “the view is fantastic.”


“Stop it!” she cried.


“I was talking about the hills, Laura,” he whispered with a purr.


She was not convinced, but she slipped off her shoes and sat by the edge of the pool with her feet dangling in the water making little concentric circles.  The sun glared down on them with abandon. The skin on their arms tingling as they baked and Laura wondered if this is what meat felt like in the oven. As she stared thoughtfully into the water, Anthony reached over and wrapped his hands around each of her ankles. It felt good for a second, but his grip tightened.


“Come on, Anthony. You come to my house, swim in my pool, without even telling me. Where’s this going?” she said, trying to convey the question so that he could understand.


“Don’t you like when I surprise you?” Anthony cocked a smile and his fingers wrapped tighter.


He tugged on her legs teasingly. She squawked with fear and reached her hands down to try and rip his fingers from her legs, but of course it was futile. Once she felt the strong chords of his fingers, just as well muscled as the rest of him, she realized there was no way to escape. She was caught. Seizing on the flicker of a smile across her face, he grinned deeper and yanked down on her ankles, dragging her in to the pool with a splash so wide it soaked her shoes she’d carefully set to the side.

Chosen by Dylan Hughes, this week’s challenge was Magnets by Disclosure, Feat. Lorde. I had a lot of fun with this one. You can check out Dylan’s story here.


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