Part 1 begins here.

As the day wore on the silence of the house became oppressive to her. Her ears began to perk up to the small insignificant sounds of the neighborhood, twisting her ears to the single bark of a dog, the roll of the trash cans brought in, a whir of a washing machine. Then she would go back to her laptop and click away to keep the silence at bay.

For months now she’d been working on the story. Time was running by so quickly month to month that she hardly knew whether it was April or September. The words added up on the page, but they said hardly anything at all. They were so much random noises, hardly more than the dog’s bark. She sighed and seeing the dishes in the sink, got up to wash them.

With the dishes done, the quiet settled in again and she went to open the windows. Perhaps the hum of airplanes would disrupt and fan the rooms. Looking out to the back yard with the dry birdbath and rustling trees. There were no birds, though. No calls or cawing nor vapid twitterings even. As she walked out to the middle of lawn where the grass was long and needed mowing back she could feel the heat of the sun on her nose and felt pleased at the idea of getting freckles there. How appalled would her mother be to hear of her going out in the sun without sunscreen?

She wandered back into the shade. The hair still wet on her back from the morning shower made a cold spot on her back and she shook her shoulders back and forth to unstick the shirt. There were so many hours left before he was back from work that she hardly knew what to do with herself. Too much time to devote to just writing. There were other things that would need to be done at some point and they might as well be now. Yes, she could get those things out of the way and then truly commit to the story.

Her hand dipped into the kitchen drawer, scrabbling for the pen and notepad. She would make a list, writing out all the things she needed at the grocery store. That was easy enough. From her mind to the pen in her hands, the words came readily to mind. Chicken, beef, pork, she wrote. Her stomach growled with hunger. Though she had just eaten, the yogurt and granola were still digesting in her stomach. The coffee was still hot in her mug. But the thought of some bacon and eggs made her mouth water. She added bacon to the list.

Continue the story.


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