Dear Jesus,

Happy Birthday! It’s been quite a year preaching with you. I still can’t believe the time you trashed the money-changers tables at the temple. And I will always be impressed by your skilled handling of wine. You’re certainly full of surprises.

I know this card is a little late. Though in all fairness, you didn’t let us know when your actual birthday was. We’ll just have to come up with something fun to do over the winter holidays. I’m sure it can be rough celebrating milestones when your parents are separated, but come on, it’s not every day you turn the big 3 – 0!

Anyways, you still got a few more years before you’re in your grave! Hahaha! Just kidding.

Hope this birthday was the best ever! We’re in this together till the end.

Hugs and kisses,


P.S. It’s super hard to come up with a gift for the son of God, so I just got you 30 pieces of silver for you.

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