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When he got up to the bedroom, she was already asleep. A soft snore emitted. Under the sheets the coarsest rumble from her throaty growl of breath was muffled. It brought a smile to his face because it reminded him of the first time she’d slept over. It was only their second date, and if he’d been honest he would have assumed she would be the kind of girl who’d wait until a week or two of dating. Make him work harder for it. But she wasn’t. He liked it. That was almost seven years ago. He turned on the tap to the shower for a quick rinse before bed.

By the time he got out of the shower she was quiet. He wrapped the towel around his waist and hovered in the doorway with the fan on, still working to wipe the moisture from the air making the mirror and tiles misty. His brow furrowed. Shifting his weight onto the other foot, a beam of light shot forward onto the empty bed.

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