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Her shoulder still ached, though alleviated somewhat by the restful sleeping in. She rolled it around in the socket feeling the pleasant kind of twinge left over from exertion. Perhaps she had done something while asleep. Before he left for work, Daniel left a note on the fridge about finding a “sleep doctor” and the name of a few nearby.

The note was written on bright pink post it in the shape of a quote bubble. It was hard to take seriously. So she sat down for a real breakfast. Eggs with melted cheddar cheese and English muffins with fresh washed raspberries pushed to the side of the plate’s lip to keep them from getting salted by accident. With every bite, she let herself chew slowly. Each raspberry kernel popped, full of juice on her tongue and delicious.

After that she got up from the dirty plate and the yellow crusted pan and stood outside on the lawn. The sun shone down and was warm and comfortable. And the grass looked so lush. She cocked her head to the side and then lay down in the best looking spot and took a long morning nap.

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