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“What was it about?” he asked, confused and wondering how she could be sleeping now, at this time of day. She looked back at him and seemed to calculate her response before answering.

“Oh, I don’t think I can explain,” she said, shaking her head. He wondered if he should try to get her to tell, but his stomach grumbled.

“What did you make for dinner?” he asked. She noted the phrasing of the words. What did you make?

“Nothing,” she said, “I was so sleepy I had to take a nap. We’ll have to order in again.”

“Again?”  Daniel whined, “But that’s the second night in a row. We can’t keep ordering in like this. It gets expensive, you know?”

This, as if she’d never heard that, nor could remember the night before.  She was the one that ordered the food, after all. She sighed.

“I know, sweetheart,” Lucy said. The she swung her legs off the end of the bed and walked from the room to find her laptop and place an order with Dominoes. She was feeling rather hungry again and wanted something filling.

Once the pizza arrived she devoured slice after slice much like she had the Chinese food the night before. The grease spread down her chin and she just wiped it away with the back of her wrist. One after another she gobbled down each slice. When she finished swallowing the seventh slice, she was sorry. Her stomach grumbled.

Daniel looked sideways at his wife. Only three slices in, he was still hungry. And there was only one more slice left in the box. But her hands were not moving towards it. He wondered if he could take the last one for himself and was about to ask , out of habit, when Lucy spoke up.

“I don’t feel so well,” she muttered.

With a shiny grimace, one hand grabbed at her stomach as she bent over at the waist. Mid-reach, Daniel turned direction. But Lucy rushed off to the bathroom, her other hand now clasped over her mouth as she ran. Daniel looked at the last slice. He wanted it, but with the sound of retching coming from the bathroom, he figured he shouldn’t want it, so he got up and knocked on the door.

“You alight?” he asked, “Do you want any help in there?”

“No,” came Lucy’s muffled response.

He could tell she was hunched over the toilet from the echo her voice made in the bowl. After a few minutes he brought himself to reach again for the last slice of pizza. It was cold now, but still edible. Munching on the slice while Lucy vomited in the next room, he grew sleepy. Soon he want to bed. She could deal with the mess and get herself to bed, his tired brain reasoned.


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