Begin here.

With the glass still cracking in her ears, she stripped down in front of the bathroom mirror. The bruise on her left shoulder had healed to a ripe yellow. But at least it was healing. She couldn’t help but stare at the rest of her body.

Her hair had grown long. Always her hair grew fast.  Her legs required shaving daily if she wanted to maintain their smoothness.  Not able to remember the last time she’d shaved her legs, the hair was thick and dark and almost a quarter of an inch long. Usually this might bother her. But the hair had now grown so long that it no longer prickled uncomfortably against the fabric of her jeans. The eyebrows needed plucking too. Little dashes of short dark hairs filled out the once sharp point of her brows. Like the rest, her pubic hair was now overgrown and curled in soft ringlets.

The question of shaving this morning did not cross her mind. Daniel said they’d be here soon. But how soon was soon? And would washing her hair help the situation? Then she turned on the shower tap, letting the water splash across her arm and then shaking it off.

Gathering her clothes from the floor to throw in the hamper, she walked out the bathroom and into their shared closet. A pair of jeans and a sweatshirt should do. Sneakers would be best, so she grabbed her white ones and a pair of socks as well. Back in the bathroom, she quietly turned the lock and dressed. Once she felt comfortable, she opened the bathroom window one inch at a time so as to keep it from creaking.



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