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With each shriek of the window frame she paused and listened. The shower water sprayed over the noise. A section of the first story roof peaked about three feet to the right of window. She tried to go head first. Quickly she realized this would not be ideal and she had to turn back bumping her head with a ringing thump. The back of her head throbbed faster as her heat rate increased. But she heard no sounds of alarm or warning coming from downstairs. She tried again.

Feet first and dangling toes pointed to their furthest to reach the roof tiles, she finally left the window with a grunt. Looking up, the opening seemed so small. She sat back on her haunches and contemplated what was next. There were no trellises on the side of the house. Certainly no large dumpsters to hop onto like in a cop movie. Nor were the roofs so close together that she could jump to the next yard. She had no rope to swing into a tree house like Macaully Culkin in Home Alone and no bed sheets to climb down. With a creak in her knees she walked over to the side of the house and looked for a way.

She was over the living room. A hum escaped the open back door from the television which Daniel still watched. Or maybe he just wanted her to think he was still watching the television. Either way the house had multiple windows to see into the back yard. She would have to go down some other way.

To the side of the kitchen was the neighbor’s fence. The wood railings facing the kitchen hid a small shelf that held the planks together. If she could reach the shelf she could hop down the other side unseen.

She inched, skidding, towards the edge of the roof. Then she peered over the edge once more. The ledge did not look so very wide. On her butt, with feet stretched forward to the very peak of the fencing, she began a controlled slide hoping to land directly onto the narrow shelf of the neighbor’s fence. The wood was old and flaking. Her foot crunched and pieces of wood slivered and fell. With eyes squeezed closed in fear, she leaped, landing with a violent wobble and almost cried out. But she held back the shout and landed feet first in the neighbor’s grass. And she ran.

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