Begin here.

Dr. McMorrow slid her glasses back onto the bridge of her nose to better see Lucy. But she did not seem to want to rise and shake hands. Instead she stayed in her seat with her legs crossed exactly. The arch of her foot protruded from the top of her professional heel which remained planted flat on the floor. So Lucy sat on the end of the couch. Daniel sat on the other end, looking at the doctor.

“I understand that your husband feels you’ve been acting a little different lately.” Dr. McMorrow’s head cocked to the side with sympathetic curiosity. “And that you may be having some trouble sleeping?”

“That’s not true,” Lucy blurted out, “I’ve been sleeping really well, actually. Best I’ve slept in a long while.”

“Hmm,” Dr. McMorrow remarked. Daniel shifted in his corner of the couch.

“Well, that’s not entirely true, honey,” Daniel said looking out the corner of his eye.

“I think I’m the best judge of how I’ve been sleeping,” Lucy mumbled.

“Usually I recommend clients refrain from snippy behavior,” Dr. McMorrow interjected. Both Lucy and Daniel looked down at their feet again.
When they first bought the house, they had no bed. Just a mattress lay on the floor of the bedroom. For a long while the mattress stayed there. Lucy would complain every night as they went to bed of the awkward height. But he liked it down there. It made him feel they were just starting out in life. They were just starting out in life.

Then one day Lucy came home and there was a bed frame in the living room. Daniel had gone out that morning and walked through the rows of furniture in three stores before he found the one that Lucy had seen in a catalog, the page folded down in the corner to mark the picture. While she went to work at the coffee shop, he set up the bed.

As the front door opened and closed behind her, he ran down the hall to cover her eyes and make it a surprise. They walked up together with his hands over her eyes, his feet right behind hers trying not to step on her heels. He worried that somehow he chose the wrong one. She opened her eyes.

“Want to see how much the frame squeaks?” she asked with a smile.


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