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The room was dark. Tossing the covers from off her body, Lucy stood in her underwear and shirt. Downstairs the water glasses from the meeting with Dr. McMorrow still sat on the coffee table. The house was still, except for the soft snores escaping Daniels nostrils as he slept on the couch. As she crossed to the front door, she paused. Her feet were bare and she shuffled to the hall closet to slide her feet into a pair of sandals. They were Daniels, but she did not notice.

She reached out into the dark and twisted the lock in the door. As the lock clicked, Daniel snorted in uneasy sleep, but then rolled over. Lucy did not notice this either but continued out the front door onto the porch.

Dark curtains covered the windows in the house, but now the light of the moon shone down white and cool. Lucy stood looking up at the globe and smiled. There were no other sounds on the street. And the street lamps were far down the end of the block. She looked left and right. She stretched her arms up over her head with her neck falling back, her eyes shut and she howled.


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