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Hair blew back from her face as she ran down the street. The moon lit her way clearly, but she did not need the light. She began to breathe deeply. Her nose widened as she sniffed. The earthy scent of dew from the neighbor’s sprinklers combined with the eucalyptus trees which whispered. The overlarge sandals on her feet clapped against the ground, clap clap, slap clap, clap clap, slap clap. Her feet built up momentum the further she got from the house.

She ran faster and faster. So fast, Lucy’s legs began to tremble with trying to keep up with them. The sidewalk loomed ahead. To one side the tree root grew under the concrete which rose up at an angle. But Lucy did not see it. And she could not stop running. Her feet flung forward, almost missing the ledge of the sidewalk. But the tip of Daniel’s sandals dragged just a bit below her foot and she went flying forward.

Her left arm went skidding in front of her to stop her fall. It did not stop her knees from scraping too. But for a moment she had been flying.

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