Once, long ago, there was a frog that started seeing woe

Around the mud and in the stream wherever he dared to go.

He felt a trembling in his heels that made him want to jump so.

Time went by and nothing changed except more folks were under toe.

In search of a safe place to stay, they told the story of a foe

That marched upon their peaceful lands and tossed them to and fro.

The frog could take no more of all the bad that only seemed to grow.

He hopped up high and left behind the ground now far below.

And with his mouth so big and wide he tried to swallow

the sun that shone upon the world and hide up all its glow.

For a time it seemed to work. The ugliness was now in shadow.

But on the ground they were frantic and missed the status quo.

Scared of the dark and worried sick even Butterfly the ditched the ego.

Not a one was all alone, and without ever knowing how

the frog looked down and saw them all in a harmonious flow

So satisfied at last the frog let loose his mouth to show

the good that comes of making nice. So to the little frog we owe

the scare that warmed the hearts inside the last nice grotto.



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