Start at the beginning

Even after a week it seemed Olivia had made no friends and I was starting to get worried. Then the following Monday, while I was unpacking the groceries, Olivia divulged that she had a friend now.
“You do?” I gasped with impressive excitement. “What’s her name?”

Olivia looked down at her shoes, sheepishly, and for a second I thought maybe she’d forgotten the girl’s name, but then she looked up at me directly and said, “Her name is Mary.” The name took me aback at first. But then, a lot of people are named Mary.

I was bringing the groceries in a few days later, a task that usually had Olivia running out to investigate the contents of each bag. The bags crunched on the kitchen table when I set them down. But Olivia did not come running to see what I’d bought. The sounds of her voice behind the closed door to her room trailed towards me. So I tiptoed down the hall and knocked on her door. She gasped with surprise. Or was it dismay?

*This is the fourth part of the story. Continue reading part 5.

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