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“Mamma, I didn’t do it!” Olivia whined.

“Of course you did,” I replied, “there’s no one else in the house and you waited until I left the house to play a little joke on me.” A frown wrinkled Olivia’s eyebrows. “It’s okay honey,” I softened, “you just need to fess up.” I heaved a heavy sigh and turned back around to take the Tupperware from their new location and put them back when a clatter interrupted me. Olivia had left the room and thrown the green beans to floor where they skittered and rolled beneath the counter.

She groaned as she leaned down to pick up the green beans. It wouldn’t be of any use to make Olivia come in to pick them up herself. Her anger was something deeper, I thought. And it reminded me of a time when I had done almost the same thing. The result had not turned out so well and my mother locked me in a closet for four hours. Familiar with this grab for control, I thought it best to wait it out. She could choose to sit alone in her room if that’s what she wanted.

*This is part 6 of the story. Continue here.

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