Begin the story here…

The green beans could be washed I decided and I reached into the cupboard by the sink for the colander to rinse them off. My hand waved around in circles before my fingers grasped the edge of a pan. I pulled it out and bent down to gaze down into the back of the cupboard. This was not where I put the pans. This was where the colander had been. I had only put it there a few days ago.

I grabbed the pan in her hands and walked to Olivia’s closed door. There was the hushed sound of whispering that usually accompanied playing a game. Then I knocked on the door. The pan was heavy. And I bent my elbow weighing it and adjusting the handle in my grip. Olivia was silent now, so I opened the door.

She was ready for me to enter. I could tell by the way she had her hands folded in front of her. On the floor was the checker’s game, the pieces halfway through a match. Olivia looked up at me over her shoulder. Her mouth was a stern flat line. And for some reason, it made me even angrier.

*This is part 7 of a short story. Continue to the next part.

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