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It was some time before I wiped at my wet cheeks. The sound of laughter trickled from Olivia’s room. My head peaked to the side. Quietly, I got up. I stood outside her door this time. Unwilling or unable to enter I do not now know. My ear rested softly against the hard frame of the door as I spied on her. There wasn’t much I could hear. Her voice was low. But it continued for long a while. Eventually I peeled my cheek from the door frame and turned away.

And then I heard the other voice. It was lower than I was used to hear from my daughter. Much lower and I rushed back to the door leaning as close to the gap in the door as possible without revealing myself. Inside there was a muffled conversation.

“When do you think…codlit hum reprostif…?” Olivia cooed.

“Marha stomyahka har…” I heard in reply.

I stepped away and then back again. Hardly able to walk away, yet, I don’t remember having gained anything by snooping. Only a few words were audible of those words I could only determine that Olivia seemed confused but happy.

*This is part 14 of a longer story. Continue here…

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