Sinking into the water my toes uncurled. I sighed. It was the warmest my feet had been all day. The porcelain rim seemed to rise up to my nose as I sank deeper into the hot water. And I closed my eyes as the water lapped at my knees. The last thought that crossed my mind as I started to drift off was that baths are underrated.

When I woke, the bubbles on top of the water had deflated. Only some small clods of bubbles still rocked on the surface here and there. My eyes were hazy. The nap was unexpected and I was groggy. Then, a few feet away near the drain I thought a saw something move. The candles, now burning low, gave off a flickering orange glow. But I could not quite see the other end of the tub. The thing moved again. Just a brief twitch, rounded in shape, touched the surface and then descended. I held my breath.

My apartment was old. The pipes threw out random spurts of rusty water and groaned, but an animal in the pipes? I lay still. Opposite me, the thing surfaced again, this time a full inch touching the air. The thing was round and long and wiggled as it moved. I squinted trying to see it. Another ripple in the surface of the water answered me.

I squeezed my thighs together. The thing still moved from time to time and I began to think of ways to try and kill it. A bottle of shaving cream sat by my shoulder. The razor was at the other end of the tub, near the thing, and the blades were dull and disposable anyway. The thing twitched at the surface again. Involuntarily my lip curled in disgust. Whatever it was, the thing was pale and moved through the water like a worm. I reached for the bottle of shaving cream slowly, but the worm thing seemed to feel the ripple of my movement through the water and it began to move towards me. Panicking I threw the bottle directly at the water where its rounded head raised to the surface.

The shaving cream made a loud plack against the water, hitting the thing, and I screamed out. The tip of my big toe was throbbing from the impact. Wide awake now, tears of laughter and the sting mingled with the wet hair on my chest.

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