It’s our compulsion. One we readily submit to over all others. We could watch them again. And again. Of course we could. And we did. A kitten with a dog, puppies, a dog and a duck, the duck and the little pig. And then we’ll play it again. Our hearts beat. And our throat makes that high-pitched sound that still feels guttural, aww!

That duck, the one that pet the dog until the dog’s hind leg twitches in pure happiness. I like that one. I also like the one of the baby pig cuddling up next to a kitten. They don’t do it for us. Do they? There’s something so genuine about them. You can tell that one day someone saw these animals being cute and rushed pull out their phone to record the cuteness for the rest of us to enjoy. And we do enjoy it. Over and over again we watch the video with awe welling up behind our eyes.

It’s the best of us. It’s the best compulsion we have, to see kind, sweet animals being cute and love them for it and save their cuteness to share with all the rest of us. To like the cute puppy curling up next to a pig is to be human. What could be more indicative of the very best in humanity than our love of cute animal videos?

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