The crack by the floorboards was crowded so Margery and Trisha talked behind their hands. Their talk was not so very secret, but they often talked as if it were, for they were best friends.

“Do you think we might find some sugar on the counter?”  Margery asked.

“Maybe, if Reggie and Don don’t get there first,” Trisha let her voice raise just a bit louder so that Reggie and Don in front of them could hear their names. And Margery and Trisha giggled.

Suddenly, and with a great rushing of limbs, the crack opened up and they all went scuttering across the kitchen floor. It was nighttime, which was why it was so crowded. Cockroaches like kitchens best at nighttime when they can have it all to themselves and they don’t have to worry about dangerous humans that might want to squash or smash them to bits.

As they rushed across the floor and up the countertops, they found plenty to eat. Grains of sugar hid in every crevice of the counter tiles and the fruit in the basket was just a little past ripe. Some of the lazier cockroaches went leaning against the bottom of the counter and searched out the crumbs. Margery help hoist Trisha up over the edge of the counter they found a deep crevice in the tile grout with oodles of sugar and bread crumbs.

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